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  • If a quantity specifies the direction of motion along with its speed, it is known as velocity.

  • Velocity is the speed of a given object, which is moving in a defined direction.

  • Speed and velocity have the same measuring units, i.e., m s–1 or m/s.

What Will You Learn


  • The distance travelled by the object in unit time is known as the rate of motion or simply speed.

  • The SI unit of speed is meter per second (symbol m s–1 or m/s).

  • The average speed of an object can be obtained by dividing the total distance travelled by the total time taken: represented as




When an object moves in a circular path in uniform speed, its motion is known as uniform circular motion.


  • Motion along a straight line is the simplest form of motion.

  • Magnitude is the numerical value of a physical quantity.

  • The shortest distance, which is measured from the initial to the final position of an object is called as the ‘displacement.’

  • The magnitude of the displacement for a path of motion may be zero but the corresponding distance covered cannot be zero.

  • If an object travels equal distances in equal intervals of time, it is said to be in ‘uniform motion.’

  • If an object travels unequal distances in equal intervals of time, it is said to be in ‘non-uniform motion.’

Target Audience

The change in the velocity of an object per unit time is defined as acceleration.

According to Galileo an object moves with a constant speed when no force acts on them.

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